New on DVD: Modern Family Season 3 – Tightropes, Dude Ranches and Christmas

Doesn’t it seem like Modern Family has been on forever? It’s only been three seasons, but the show has so easily worked its way into our lives that it seems like it’s been on for years. It’s won a slew of awards, including 16 Emmys, and the writing, acting and production are as fresh now as when it first premiered.

Modern FamilyI also appreciate the fact that Modern Family is very family-friendly, meaning I can watch it with my kids without cringing. They’re both teenagers now, but even when the show began and they were younger, I was totally fine with it as a family show.

I can’t say that about Ryan Murphy’s new show, The New Normal, which revolves around a gay couple who hire a surrogate to have their baby. So far, it’s not so much the gay couple that’s not family-friendly, it’s the fact that in the first 20 seconds of the show, we had a somewhat graphic sex scene between a cheating husband and someone who wasn’t his wife. Really? That’s too much for a show that airs at 9:30 pm, NBC. Anyway, I’m veering off-topic. Focus, Jane!

Season three of Modern Family was released on DVD and blu-ray Sept. 18, 2012. They sent me a review copy of the blu-ray, a 3-disc set that contains all 24 episodes of season three, along with a bunch of special features:

  • Deleted and alternate scenes
  • Destination: Wyoming
  • A Day on the Set with Ty
  • Adventures of the Modern Family Kids
  • A Modern Family Christmas
  • Driving Lessons
  • Ed O’Neill Gets a Star
  • Modern Family Goes to Disneyland Resort (way to cross-promote, ABC)
  • Gag Reel

As with the first two seasons, season three has lots of memorable episodes, including Phil on a tightrope, the family at a dude ranch, and my personal favorites:

  • “Express Christmas” – Phil wants the whole family to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 16, since they won’t be spending Christmas Day together.
  • “Me? Jealous?” – Mitchell and Cameron temporarily stay with Jay and Gloria. Wacky hi-jinks ensue.
  • “Send Out the Clowns” – Cameron reunites an old clown act despite Mitchell’s warnings. Yeah, it’s not lost on me that my favorite eps feature Cam and Mitchell – love those two.

Buy Modern Family Season Three on Amazon.

Are you a fan of Modern Family? Who are your favorite characters?


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