animal practice

On this week’s episode of Animal Practice, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” Dr. Rizzo showed us he could Tebow (hilarious!) and that he (but really he’s a she named Crystal) could be a model for GQ in his sharp suit and tie.

Rizzo’s side story in this ep is that he finds his inner Rothko when Angela has him create a work of art so she can sell it to an art gallery owner. But Rizzo has grown attached to his creation, much to Angela’s dismay.

What did the humans in the show do, you ask? Dr. Coleman has an internal dilemma when he’s asked to operate on Dr. Jackson’s dog.  He figures he’s emotionless and doesn’t care about people anyway, so he can easily detach himself from the surgery… or can he?

What did you think of this episode and/or the ensuing monkey business?


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