larkford to candleford

I love a good costume drama — the sets, the costumes, the hair, the genteel manners. What I DON’T love is the message that many costume dramas send to young women: the most important thing you can do — maybe the ONLY important thing — is find a husband. Obviously a rich one would be best.

Lark Rise to CandlefordEnter Lark Rise to Candleford. This delightful series is based on the autobiographical novel by Flora Thompson. Set in 19th century Oxfordshire, the series follows young Laura Timmins played by Olivia Hallinan (Torchwood, Jack Falls) as she leaves her small village of Lark Rise to go work with her cousin Dorcas Lane, the local postmistress played by Julia Sawalha (Absolutely Fabulous, Pride and Prejudice) in the next town, Candleford.

While romance abounds both for Laura and Dorcas, the focus is never on finding a husband to cement their future or fortunes. Plus, a number of other independent women characters are regulars in the series.

Lark Rise to Candleford

Lovers of Downton Abbey will recognize Brendan Coyle, who plays the kindly John Bates, as Laura’s outspoken father. Other recognizable players include:

  • Dawn French (The Vicar of Dibley, French and Saunders) as a jolly, but drunkenly spendthrift mother of many
  • Mark Heap (Stardust, Green Wing) as the uptight postman
  • Karl Johnson (Hot Fuzz, Rome) as an unreliable old coot who can’t stay away from his tipple
  • Linda Basset (The Hours, Calendar Girls) as his long-suffering herbalist beekeeper wife
  • Claudie Blakely (Cranford, Gosford Park) as Laura’s wise mother

Plus, I positively DARE you not to fall in love with salt-of-the-earth handy man with an accordion and a plough, Alf Arless, played by John Dagleish (Age of Heroes, Beaver Falls).

Four seasons of this gentle drama await you on Netflix or Amazon. You needn’t worry about language, sexual situations or frightening content. Plots include such easy themes as what happened to the lost postal package, how to share the windfall of a pig, and where a mysterious embroidered panel originated.

Brew up some Oolong, put the cake on your good china, and make a date with your young ladies to watch this scrumptious costumed treat.


  1. Oooo, thanks for calling this to my attention. Unfortunately my sister and sister-i-l live in different states from me, so we’ll just have to watch it separately. I was disappointed it is not on U.S. TV, but see it was on Idaho public TV last year, so maybe it will make it to other places later. You can see all episodes at

  2. I’m going to my Netflix now…I know I’ll get grief for saying so but D Abbey is getting a little too dramatic lately, isn’t it? Have you seen the spoof of it with Kim Catrall? You’ll never watch it the same way again

  3. I’m so glad you wrote about this, because I’d only heard about it, but never watched it. I see it’s on Netflix, so you can bet I’ll be checking it out. They have a pretty great assortment of British TV on Netflix (no, I don’t work for Netflix!).
    Thanks, Vera, for that link, too. 
    And Squid – Yeah, maybe a little overly dramatic on Downton, but that’s why I love it! Haven’t seen the Kim C. spoof – will look for it. 


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