I just saw this commercial for Mint Snuff at my mom’s house while watching one of our current obsessions, Storage Wars. That Barry.

Anyway, the commercial looks like it cost about three bucks to make (and their Web site not much more). And yet, it’s airing during Storage Wars, so they must have coughed up a fair amount of cash for that placement.

It’s just … well, I don’t even know what to say about it. Other than the fact that I can’t really picture two old geezers wearing plaid shirts in a fishing boat  going, “Hey, Bob, got any of that Mint Snuff? I’m out.” To which Bob replies, “Nope, I’m fresh out. We’d better stock up, because this non-tobacco, non-addictive herbal chew really hits the spot.”

On the other hand, they got me writing about it and linking to their site, so … mission accomplished.


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  2. I’m confused.  How can they call it “snuff” if it is tobacco-free?  My husband, being from Sweden, uses snuff called “snus”.  It is horribly addictive, 10 times the hit of every cigarette.  That’s how much nicotine one “pinch” delivers. 

  3. This does not seem to be airing in so Cal that I’ve seen yet, but I have to tell you, if I saw that too many times I’d been singing the jingle.

  4. This looks like something you would see on SNL. I have no understanding of what it is actually made of though – it’s tobacco free so it’s like minty stuff you pretend is tobacco? Very weird.


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