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Foyle’s War Series 8 Headed to PBS, Summer 2013

Acorn Media has some truly awesome titles in its catalog, including Foyle’s War, which the company purchased in 2010 and began working with producer Jill Green and creator/writer Anthony Horowitz to develop new episodes. Acorn has released the show on DVD since 2003, and Series 1 and 2 are their top two best-selling DVDs of all time. No shocker there!

Well, Foyle’s War fans, I’ve got great news for you. Three new 120-minute episodes will air as part of the Masterpiece Mystery! season on PBS in the summer of 2013. I know that seems like a long ways away, but below are a couple of brand new images to get you revved up for Series 8. Love the WWII era clothing, decor, autos and planes in this show, not to mention the fine acting, of course.

Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks in Foyle’s War | Acorn Media

Created by novelist and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz and starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks, Series 8 will see Foyle and loyal friend Sam in a new post-War era as their worlds shift into those of MI5.

With many of the stories based on real life cases, Foyle will focus his attention on the world of espionage as he gathers secret intelligence in support of Britain’s security, defense, and the Government’s foreign and economic policies.

In his new role as a Senior Intelligence Officer, Foyle discovers that the British establishment is rife with communist sympathisers and traitors. During this delicately balanced period in history, 1946 to 1947, he’ll have to use all his intelligence, guile and intuition to keep the country safe.

Meanwhile, Sam is happily married to local MP Adam and finding her feet as a wife with a daunting role in local politics. Reunited with Foyle, she’s also offered a surprising new working role.

Foyle’s War Series 8 co-stars Daniel Weyman (Great Expectations), Ellie Haddington (The Café, Luther) and Tim McMullen (The Woman In Black, Silk).

Ready for more Foyle’s War? Leave thoughts below. 

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26 responses to “Foyle’s War Series 8 Headed to PBS, Summer 2013”

  1. FrugalKiwi Avatar

    Oooh! So exciting. I LOVE Foyle’s War. I’ve been waiting for news on Season 8 for a couple of years now.

  2. Walyo Avatar

    Foyle was last seen heading to the U.S. at the end of Season 7 – I’ll bet he gets the “thief, liar and murderer” as he promised.  There has to be some way to keep Foyle episodes and seasons going – he’s just too good to bring to an end.

  3. liv Avatar

    I wish there’s an official FB page or Twitter for updates…

  4. Shelley Gilbert Avatar
    Shelley Gilbert

    I agree with everything that people are saying about Foyle. My husband and I absolutely love this series. I’m in love with Christopher Foyle. Sam is perfect and I will miss Paul. We own the episodes and I’ve watched each one several times. I never grow tired of any of the episodes. They are perfection. I also never want Foyle to end. I actually cried when the final episode ended.” I want to be notified the minute Series 8 is available to purchase. Can you please do that?

  5. Brit fan Avatar
    Brit fan

    Oh yes! What a lovely Christmas surprise…more Foyle! There is a Santa!

  6. Bob Fagliano Avatar

    The Foyle’s War series is certainly one of the absolutely best bit of acting and scrip writing I have seen in all my years. (born May 1947),  Can’t wait to see season 8 with Foyle heading to America after the War.
    Bob Fagliano

  7. lb1944 Avatar

    Foyle’s War is the absolute best mystery series ever.  I hope Foyle is going to America in the 8th season to bring back Howard Paige for murder.  Love to watch these over and over again.

  8. Peggy Avatar

    Is it summer yet?

  9. Gloria Avatar

    Foyle’s War is one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen. I just love Michael Kitchens and can’t wait to see these three episodes. Can watch all over and over again.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      TV showrunners in the U.S. need to take a clue from the Brits, who always seem to deliver great programming. We’re so inundated with reality TV over here, sometimes I wonder if they’ve forgotten how to make a great show.

  10. Rebekah Avatar

    I can’t wait. Have them all on DVD. Samantha Stewart is one of my favorite English characters, as is Christopher Foyle. I love the the end of series 7 ended with her happily married and glad to see this will continue. Honeysuckle looking a little haggard in these stills though; hope she’s OK. I read somewhere else that they wouldn’t be sending Foyle to America in this series 8 though. Maybe in series 9!But he must bring Sam with him!

  11. joyfulsenior Avatar

    Hip Hip Hooray! More of DCS Foyle.

  12. Pene Avatar

    Hope Australia gets Foyles War as soon as it comes out. We have to wait soooo long for anything British,{ unless it contains nudity and sex ugggh!}I am a Brit and love Foyles War Igrew up at that time and have memories of then.
    Also love Midsomer

  13. manny wakefield Avatar

    Foyle is so very interesting the quiet unassuming detective collecting info through every episode and with unrelenting authority never fails to pinpoint who done it in the most entertaining way; good stuff!! Excellent writing, superior acting.

  14. camd Avatar

    My husband have been hoping for f/u on three earlier threads left hanging:

    1. The U.S. industrialist who killed the man he stole a design from whom Foyle swore to track down after the war.

    2. Barbara – in Land Army. We thought there might be some romantic potential there, and she was awfully charming.

    3. The young man in the last episode, imprisoned as a traitor, who seems to be Foyle’s son.

    And by the way, what has become of Andrew?

  15. Antoinette Lane Avatar
    Antoinette Lane

    CAn’t WAit! I love this show! Love Michael Kitchen and everything about this show.

  16. Derek Bill Avatar
    Derek Bill

    I only recently discovered Foyle’s War and have voraciously devoured the entire catalogue from series one through seven (six here the states) in a matter of weeks. I have to admit though, to rationing out the last two series as I was unaware that another series was forthcoming. We will be seeing it a little later than my friends in the UK though as PBS will be airing the eighth series in the summer of 2013. I hope that Sam Stewart plays a more integral role in this series as she sort of fell by the wayside a little the the last one. I also hope that Andrew gets written back in as well, as he always added a little extra dynamic to DCS Foyle’s already complex character. In any event, the eighth series will most certainly be as excellent as the previous seven and I very much look forward to enjoying it.

  17. Rachel Dickinson Avatar
    Rachel Dickinson

    Can’t wait. Wonderful series.

  18. anu mahesh Avatar
    anu mahesh

    Oh! great. Looking forward to Season 8. We love the series.

  19. Ray Avatar

    I have enjoyed Foyle’s War since the 1st episode and am pleased there is currently a new series of 3 episodes, 2 of which I’ve seen. The 3rd episode is to be broadcast on Sunday next, 7th April 2013. However, this latest series has been rather spoilt, in my opinion, by poor historical research.
    The criticism I have relates to the vehicular “props”, ie the cars and the bus used in the street scenes. Whilst the cars themselves are authentic for the time depicted, not one car I’ve seen in this latest series bears a registration number that would have been seen in the 1940s. The use of “reversed registrations” which did not appear until 1953 really is unforgiveable. None of the cars would have have had the registration numbers they display for the programme in the 1940s. This really does show a very low level of research. The very worst error relates to the ex London Transport Routemaster bus. The very first prototype of the Routemaster was not built until 1954 and Routemasters did not appear in service until 1959/60. To compound the error, the bus used also had a totally non authentic “reversed registration” which it would not have received until sold by London Transport in the 1980s. In a previous Foyle’s War series, an episode showed Foyle having to visit London. The bus “prop” used then was an entirely authentic 1930s STL type vehicle supplied by the London Transport Bus Preservation Trust. This organisation still exists today and could easily have provided the same bus or a similar one appropriate to the 1940s. Such a pity that very poor research has somewhat marred an excellent series.

  20. Terry Avatar

    Great show and can hardly wait for season 8. No matter what Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks does would be fantastic. I would love to see the story line carried out fro years to come. Avid fans in Pennsylvania.

  21. Judy Eddleman Avatar
    Judy Eddleman

    I would like to be put on a waiting list to receive Foyle’s War- Series 8. Also send me a catalog. Thanks.

  22. LINDA C Avatar

    Adore the series and so happy it is continuing. Just saw intro for Season 8; only question is what happened to Max Brown as Adam?: he was delightful. Looking forward to the new season; such a wonderful series.

  23. Judith Williams Avatar
    Judith Williams

    I don’t know who I love best. Christian Foyle or Michael Kitchen.

  24. Royal McKellar Avatar
    Royal McKellar

    What happened in America ? On the way to America I expected you would have a murder mystery for Foyle to solve . I waited all week to see that Steamship saga. and the come -uppence of the patent stealer. What happened. Was the American set props too much to work in or where there not enough American dialect actors? What happened. This ommision is bollucks and a right cockup!!

    I’m getting a kick out of the antique set props, clothing, and historic nature of the episodes. Foyles covering all the basies. And Honeysuckle winds her way into the picture, it’s as if Foyle is treating Sam as a daughter. I find I’m really getting into it. Awesome.

  25. John Graham Avatar
    John Graham

    We down here in New Zealand had no ldea there was a post war series of Foyles War. Can we expect or have some guidance as to where to obtain some current information of any kind. Great series, top of its gender,

    John Graham, Omata,New Zealand

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