Fall TV Preview: Please Relocate Me… Away From ABC’s The Neighbors

I’m not sure who’s in charge of original sitcom programming over at ABC, but perhaps that person should be fired forthwith – no passing Go, no collecting $200.

I thought Family Tools was the worst show, but then I watched The Neighbors.  WORST. SHOW. EVER.

Here’s the scoop: Marty Weaver (Lenny Venito) and his wife Debbie (Jami Gertz) move with their three kids to the gated community of Hidden Hills, New Jersey, only to find that all of the residents are aliens who’ve taken the names of popular athletes.  Go ahead, read that last sentence again.  How did that pitch get greenlit?

The aliens include the leader of the group, Larry Bird (Simon Templeman), his wife Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye) and their two sons, Dick Butkus and Reggie Jackson. Turns out all the aliens are from the planet Zabvron, and they’ve been holed up in Hidden Hills for the past 10 years, awaiting instructions from back home. The Weavers — the first humans to live amongst them — have to decide whether to leave or embrace the oddness.

I imagine every star passed on this show after reading the script.  Every star except Jami Gertz (best known for Square Pegs and The Lost Boys).  Jami, what were you thinking?  Do you have a gambling problem? An overwhelming debt? Those are only a couple of reasons I can think of that would make you take this gig.

The Neighbors premieres Wed., Sept. 26 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC. But readers, don’t waste your time on this show (and by the way, no one else likes it either).  I sacrificed myself so you wouldn’t have to watch it. All I can say is, “Save yourself!”





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