Fall TV Preview: New Girl is Still Fresh and New, Not Old

There seem to be two factions in the world – those who hate Zooey Deschanel and find her annoying, and those who  love her and her “adorkableness.” I am proud to say I’m in the latter group and couldn’t wait for season two of New Girl.

I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, it’s not only Deschanel as Jess that makes the show. It’s also Max Greenfield, last season’s breakout star whose portrayal of Schmidt, a former fat dork who is now buff and considers himself a ‘playa,’ brings the most laughs.

The season two premiere finds Jess laid off from her job as a teacher from W.E. Hearst Elementary. Meanwhile, Schmidt’s nether-regions are finally cast free, and he decides to throw himself a rebranding party.

Dejected and depressed from her newly unemployed state, Jess invites herself to be the shot girl at Schmidt’s party, but shows up in a rather conservative 20’s-cigarette girl-outfit and finds herself in competition with an over-the-hill shot girl (guest star Parker Posey).

Nick (Jake Johnson) is still Jess’ rock and knight in shining armor, and one hopes the two will finally share a kiss this season, however awkward the situation might be. There’s bound to be more laughs than romance in that scene, and I, for one, can’t wait for it!

The most adorkable of them all isn’t Jess, but Schmidt, whose earnest efforts to impress Cece (Hannah Simone), despite last season’s breakup, bring the night’s biggest laughs.

Writers are still struggling to find a voice for Winston (Lamorne Morris), who  just seems to be the fifth wheel in the group. While they put Winston in some amusing situations, they seem to be scenes originally intended for other characters but then discarded and reused for Winston.

I imagine this season will find Jess trying out new jobs and Schmidt trying out new pick-up lines. I’ll be glued to my seat, waiting for each week’s episode. Look for Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner to guest star as Jess’ parents.

Season two of New Girl premieres with two new episodes, “Relaunch” and “Katie,” on Tues., Sept. 25, beginning at 8/7c on Fox. Follow @NewGirlonFOX, @ZooeyDeschanel and #newgirl on Twitter.


  1. infomercialqueen Avatar

    I am also a fan of Zooey Deschanel, and I couldn’t be more excited to see New Girl return. I like that she will be placed into tough situations this season after being laid off, I think it is an opportunity for her character to grow. Reading this made me realize how much I missed this show. I can’t wait to come home after a long day and catch up with Jess and the gang.

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  3. BeTheBuddha Avatar

    Awesome that you’re a fan, but can you stop promoting DISH?

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

       @BeTheBuddha The DISH spammers are out in full force. 

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