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“Get my agent on the phone. This show is sinking.” | ABC

When I first heard about Last Resort, I thought it would be some boozy spring break-type show, or yet another reality show like 30 Rock’s MILF Island, but it’s quite the opposite.

Autumn Reeser and Bruce Davison debate the idiocy of Last Resort’s plot | ABC

Last Resort (premiering Thurs., Sept. 27, 8/7c on ABC) follows the USS Colorado, a US Naval submarine, and its crew. Led by Captain Marcus Chaplin (Homicide: Life on the Street’s Andre Braugher), the crew of the Colorado are en route to pick up some Navy SEALs when they get a somewhat suspicious directive to launch a nuclear missile. When Chaplin questions the directive, he is relieved of duty, as is his XO, Sam Kendal (the ever stiff Scott Speedman) when he, too, questions their orders.  Once the submarine is fired upon by their own countrymen, they find temporary refuge on an island.

Daneil Lissing may be your last resort for eye candy | ABC

When Chaplin sends a recorded statement to the world threatening to use the nuclear missles on their boat, one wonders if the sweeping majestic music being played in the background is being added in by seamen (yes, I said seamen) in the sub’s computer room as part of his message, or whether it’s just in there for dramatic effect.

At least there is enough eye candy to keep a woman occupied for the better part of an hour. Keep an eye out what I call the three D’s: Daniel Lissing who plays Navy SEAL James King, David Rees Snell as Barry Hopper and Daniel Bess as Lt. Cahill.

Created by The Shield’s Shawn Ryan, I don’t see how this show can last more than one season, if it makes it that long.  Honestly, a rogue submarine against an entire Naval fleet and its Marine and Army counterparts?  Hardly.

As much I love Andre Braugher (Homicide: LOTS is one of my all-time favorites), Last Resort just doesn’t have legs, much like the submarine in this show.


  1. I’m planning to watch this show purely because of Andre Braugher, but I’m not really optimistic about its chances of staying on the air. It just doesn’t look like it’ll be one of the shows that sticks this season. Still, I’ll give it a couple episodes. Thanks to my Hopper’s Prime Time Anytime feature, it’ll get recorded automatically since it records everything during prime time on all four major networks every night anyway. It’s nice to not have to bother with setting any timers. I’m looking forward to coming home from my job at Dish to a full DVR, but with all the other shows on, I don’t see a whole lot of room in my schedule for Last Resort.

  2. HLOTS is my all time favorite show.  Would love to see Braugher find success in another television series, but I  don’t think this is going to be it.

  3. I really, really want to love this show because of Andre Braugher, but even just watching the trailer, the lines and production seem SO cheesy. I burst out laughing a couple of times, which I’m guessing is not the intended reaction the showrunners are looking for. 


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