You Could Be Brothers: Actor Pairs Who Should Play Siblings in a Movie

Some actors look enough alike that they’d make great siblings in a movie. Here are my picks for brothers and sisters.

Daniel Radcliffe and Landon Liboiron
Daniel Radcliffe of the Harry Potter series (Stephen Lovekin – © 2011 Getty Images) and Landon Liboiron of Terra Nova (Fox)
Amy Adams and Isla Fisher
Amy Adams of Julie & Julia (Frederick M. Brown – © 2012 Getty Images) and Isla Fisher of Confessions of a Shopaholic (Charles Eshelman – © 2011 Getty Images)
Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Javier Bardem of No Country for Old Men (Kevin Winter – © 2011 Getty Images) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan of Watchmen (© 2012 Ben Hider)
Krysten Ritter and Zooey Deschanel
Krysten Ritter of Breaking Bad (Michael Buckner – © 2012 WireImage) and Zooey Deschanel of New Girl (© 2012 Paul Morigi)
Blake Lively and Amber Heard
Blake Lively of Gossip Girl (© 2012 Henry S. Dziekan III) and Amber Heard of The Rum Diary (Frederick M. Brown – © 2012 Getty Images)
Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman
Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean (Dave Hogan – © 2011 Getty Images) and Natalie Portman of Black Swan (© 2012 Steve Granitz)
Ethan Hawke and Ryan Kwanten
Ethan Hawke of Training Day (© 2011 Astrid Stawiarz) and Ryan Kwanten of True Blood (Stephen Lovekin – © 2012 Getty Images)

Who do you think resemble one another? What celebrity lookalikes have I missed?


  1. BeTheBuddha Avatar

    Keira Knightly was actually Natalie Portman’s stand-in/double in some of the Star Wars flicks.

    1. melanievotaw Avatar

       @BeTheBuddha Interesting. I didn’t know that, and I’m surprised considering that Keira is about 4 inches taller than Natalie. I can see them playing sisters, but when it comes to stand-in duties, I’m surprised the height difference doesn’t matter. I always thought stand-ins needed to be about the same size.

  2. Casey Avatar

    This is so fun (and I could look at pictures of Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan all day!). It’s not a sibling resemblance, but I was watching Dirty Dancing recently and realized how much Jerry Orbach looked like Bobby Cannavale (another guy I could look at all day) when he was young.

    1. melanievotaw Avatar

      I was just telling Jane how I seem to have SOME connection or other to almost every celeb over the age of 35. I know Jerry’s cousin very well, and Bobby and I communicated a little on Twitter.

  3. Jane Boursaw Avatar

    These are all spot on. Some of these people, I watched practically an entire movie thinking they were the other person. Drive Angry comes to mind. To this day, I keep thinking that’s Blake Lively in the lead role opposite Nic Cage, but it’s Amber Heard.  Another pair is James Franco and James Marsden. I kept thinking that was Franco in Straw Dogs, but nope, it’s Marsden. They could play twins!

    1. melanievotaw Avatar

       @Jane Boursaw After seeing Franco in person, I don’t really see the Marsden resemblance. Marsden is “prettier” and more put together in my eyes. (Of course, I haven’t yet seen him in person, but wouldn’t mind that at all!) The hardest ones for me to keep straight are Amy Adams and Isla Fisher.

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