The Dark Knight Rises premiered in London yesterday, and Marion Cotillard (who plays Miranda Tate in the film) donned a dress from Raf Simons‘ debut Dior couture collection. It’s quite a coup because the collection graced the runway in Paris only a couple of weeks ago. Cotillard is the face of Dior, so she got first dibs on the dresses.

I get that celebrities like to do something different for the red carpet, although I’m torn between loving this 1940’s movie star vibe and feeling like the colors don’t really work for her. I do like the pockets on the skirt, though.

What do you think? Do you like this look for the red carpet?  

Marion Cotillard at The Dark Knight Rises premiere in London



  1. It think this looks awful for a Red Carpet appearance.  Honestly, if she had first dibs, surely she could have picked a more glamourous dress.  There were so many beautiful ones.

  2. Melanie, you’re farther fashion forward than I am, obviously.  To me it looks like a tacky imitation of a 1950’s “New Look” pencil skirt. Besides that pattern doesn’t read well on TV.

    • Maybe that’s part of it, too – it just doesn’t translate well on a screen. Though I would have picked a more glamorous look for the red carpet. Too secretarial for a premiere, in my mind.


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