Would You Pay $5K For a Hat Worn by Kate Middleton?

I know some people are really obsessed with the Royals. Not totally sure I’d put myself in that category, but I DO love seeing them during celebrations, like the recent Diamond Jubilee. And Kate Middleton and Prince William are adorable together. They seem like a great couple.

So there’s that. And there’s the fact that some people will pay big bucks to buy hats and clothes that Kate has worn. Two hats worn by the Duchess of Cambridge before her marriage to Prince William were recently sold at auction for fairly big bucks.

Kate Middleton & Prince William in June 2012 (this hat hasn’t been auctioned) | WENN

One, which she wore to a wedding in October 2010, went for the equivalent of $5,080 and the other for $5,030. Not bad for such a small accessory. Plus, both of the hats were rented, which I guess is par for the course when you live in the hat-obsessed UK.

The two hats were part of the Passion for Fashion auction held by Kerry Taylor, the same auction house which sold a dress of hers for £78,000 last year. Now that she’s married to William, however, auction houses are unable to put any of her clothes up for sale unless she sanctions a charity auction.

Also, Prince Charles reportedly picks up the tab for all work-related clothes that Kate wears, which is interesting but I guess makes sense if you’re part of the Royal Family.


4 responses to “Would You Pay $5K For a Hat Worn by Kate Middleton?”

  1. Living Large Avatar

    Can’t say that I would pay $5 for one of those hats. My friend said it best when she said they all look like they’re wearing UFOs on their heads!

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      “…wearing UFOs on their heads” – Ha! That made me laugh out loud, and it’s so true. I wonder where the tradition of Brits wearing outrageous hats originated anyway.

  2. makeupsideas Avatar

    Basically, I think I will not buy those hat for $5k simply because it is a lot amount for me. The model is a little bit weird. However, Kate always charming and elegant as usual. It makes every hat, clothes or whatever she wear seems so simple but elegant. I also think that the hat will not as beauty as seen in the picture if it were worn by me ….LOL

  3. Erik Cooper Avatar

    Well that hat was worn on royalty .. so I guess it does merit the high price for it! Otherwise … if it was, let’s say made in China … oh definitely not worth buying! Lol

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