Ian Terry participates in the first Big Brother Head of Household competition | CBS

Ah, summer. The glorious season in which kids are off from school, pool parties are happening, teenagers are falling in love for the first time, and oh yeah, Big Brother is on.

The number one summer reality show is back for its 14th (!) season with 12 contestants trying to outlive, outlast and out-survive each other in a televised house for all the world to see. Among the contestants vying for the $500,000 prize are Danielle, a nurse from Alabama; Jenn, a musician from NYC; Jojo, a bartender from NYC; and Shane, a house flipper from Vermont. Meet the cast here.

As with previous seasons of Big Brother, there are more twists than a pretzel and more sabotages than a Nazi spy. The show is a guilty pleasure  for viewers who just want to have fun and watch people make complete fools of themselves. The first twist this season is that six past house guests are vying for a new prize, while the original players are still playing for the $500,000. What are the past contestants playing for? I don’t know, but it has to be something huge!

There is Head of Household, a.k.a. HOH, where the player who wins for the week gets the big room on the second floor and is not on the chopping block. Power of Veto is when you can choose to veto one of the HOH’s initial nominations.

Live feeds are on 24/7, although there’s a fee to watch. For great Big Brother coverage, check out Jackie’s TV Blog, wo-manned by Jane’s friend and former TV Squad colleague Jackie Schnoop. Good stuff! Also check out Big Brother After Dark, Showtime’s 3-hour live feed starting at midnight every night.

Listen, I was just like all those other people who didn’t give Big Brother a chance and fought tooth and nail not to watch it. But the powers that be gave in, and as I “peeked” into the show, I was hooked from Season 12.

Why it took me this long, I have no idea. Maybe it was because of the notorious “Chenbot,” or to some people, Julie Chen, former host of The Early Show and current host of The Talk. Why “Chenbot?” Because for many people who watch Big Brother, Julie Chen is one of the driest, most humorless, by-the-numbers host ever seen on a reality show. (And yes, I am talking to you, as well, Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef.) Oh well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So people, if you want to relax with some voyeurism and watch a host act like a robot, then this is your show! I know I’ll be watching.

Season 14 of Big Brother premieres tonight at 9/8c, and airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights on CBS.



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