The verdict is in. Jerry Sandusky is guilty of 45 child sex-abuse charges and will likely rot in jail for the rest of his life (we hope). The whole case is just sad beyond sad, and our hearts go out to the victims who have to find a way to move on from the horror. One friend has already deemed the college “Eight Heroes University.” Right on.

There will, no doubt, be a movie — if not on the big screen, then on Lifetime or TruTV or some other network. Watching the handcuffed¬†former Penn State assistant football coach led out of the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania made me wonder who should play him in the movie.

My first thought always goes to Anthony Hopkins, who can play any character, good or bad, saintly or evil, real or fictional, human or werewolf. He seems a shoe-in to play this sick predator, and could draw on the dark forces he brought out as Hannibal Lecter in [amazon_link id=”B000MGB6N2″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Silence of the Lambs[/amazon_link]. He even looks a tiny bit like Sandusky. Ok, maybe not, but he will as soon as he gets into character.

What do you think? Should Anthony Hopkins play Jerry Sandusky in the movie? Other suggestions?  


  1. i belive a movie should be made; giving the thoughts and opinions of the life of Paterno through the Paterno family. They should not pry throught the Sandusky crimes. Although
    it will be mentioned but not based on…
    mel brooks
    perhaps mel gibson


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