Lily Cole Recycles Gown at Cannes 2012 Premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman

That carpet Lily Cole is walking at Cannes 2012 may look red, but trust us. It’s green.

It never made sense to me that celebrities would wear something on the red carpet once, then you’d never see it again. And if you did see it again, the wearer was panned for not being fashion-conscious. I know some of those gowns are auctioned off for good causes, so that’s a good thing.

Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge

Lily Cole, seen recently as Greta in Snow White and the Huntsman, is encouraging Hollywood stars to go green by recycling their red carpet outfits. The Brit beauty is the latest celeb to take part in Colin Firth’s wife Livia’s Green Carpet Challenge by wearing an ‘old’ gown to the Cannes premiere of Huntsman last month.

Can’t say I’m particularly crazy about the dress or shoes (pictured right), but good for her for being sensible about the whole issue. Makes total sense to me, and maybe it’ll help to bring fashion-conscious celebrities (and their fans) into a new eco-friendly way of thinking.

Lily Cole: “It Was a Relief to Pick Something from My Closet”

Cole says it was actually a relief not to have to come up with a new dress, and she’s encouraging more A-listers to adopt an ethical approach to fashion by wearing their designer clothes more than once.

“I felt it was absurd that I needed something new when I have so many nice dresses in my wardrobe,” Cole told Vogue. “It was actually quite a relief to open my wardrobe and just pick something out. What is ridiculous is that this is interpreted as a slightly radical thought. It should be more the norm.

“You run the risk of perpetuating this myth that you can only wear things once, and everything has to be new and that nobody else can have worn them … heaven forbid you might be photographed in the same dress as somebody else or yourself. I find the psychology of this so ridiculous… I do really believe that if you buy something, you should like it enough that you’re going to be able to wear it out and in five years’ time. I’m not a huge fan of trends.”


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