One of my favorite parts of running an entertainment site is that I get to give stuff away. And it’s always fun stuff. Stuff people actually want and look forward to getting. Stuff that takes people away from the day-to-day grind and lets them escape to another world for a little while.

That’s why I was super excited when Laurie Emerson won the Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition DVD Set. This thing is loaded with bonus features and extra stuff, and Laurie’s excitement came through her email after learning she’d won:

“If I could win only one thing in my life, it would be this!!!” she wrote. “I absolutely love old movies, and Casablanca is my favorite!! I wish I could thank you enough for winning, as I am so excited and so very grateful to have won!!┬áThank you so very, very , very much!!!!”

Ok, so that absolutely made my day/week/month/year, because I love it when a plan comes together. But I was even more geeked after I mailed the set to Laurie, and she wrote back with this:

“My movie came about 20 minutes ago, and I think I am in movie heaven!! After everyone has gone to bed, I am going to pop it in the player and watch it over and over again.

Thank you so much, too, for my Audrey Hepburn postcard! I love it! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a close second when it comes to my favorite movies. I have seen it so many times, I think I know most of the dialogue, but I still cry at the end when Holly is looking in the rain for Cat, and George Peppard takes her in his arms and they kiss in the rain as Moon River plays. Thank goodness I watch these late at night, so my husband doesn’t give me a look and my kids don’t roll their eyes! I am a hopeless romantic!

Thank you so much again for everything, I will cherish it all!!”

Ok, seriously, people, this is why I love what I do. Movies give people the gift of joy, escape, romance, and everything in between. You’re very welcome, Laurie. Thank YOU for making me a happy movie-giver.

P.S. I’m a hopeless romantic, too. It’s people like us who make the world go around. And so does this…



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