Dark Knight Rises, Muppets Score Wins at the 2012 Golden Trailer Awards

We have all seen trailers. Most of us have probably seen enough trailers to be “trailer fans” instead of “movie fans.” We watch them all of the time (whether we want to or not), but rarely do we get a chance to give them the respect they deserve.  That changed this past Thursday night at the 13th annual Golden Trailer Awards, held in Los Angeles, California.

The Golden Trailer Awards uses a jury of 13 film experts, including director Jon Favreau and comedian Patton Oswalt, to honor the very best in making us wait to watch a movie. Looking at this year’s crop, the winner of each category is usually a good movie in and of itself. It just goes to show that sometimes you can judge a film by its teaser.

The darling of the event was everyone’s favorite brooding bat. The Dark Knight Rises trailer, nicknamed “Chant,” won Best in Show as well as the best Blockbuster trailer. Take a glimpse below and see if you agree with the jury’s claims of greatness. The trailer also has a cameo by Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward and hints at Catwoman being in the film in the least subtle way imaginable.

Interestingly, the rest of the winners weren’t from movies nearly that manly. Snow White and the Huntsman took home the gold for Best Action and cleaned up in the various TV Spot categories. The Muppets won for Family Movie and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo took Drama. Bridesmaids put a ring on the Comedy category, and The Devil Inside scared up a win in Horror.

I think my favorite part of the Golden Trailer Awards is the wackier categories.  Chronicle took control of the Most Original Trailer category with its “Camera” trailer. This trailer uses a found footage style trailer in a clever way that builds suspense and mystery. The Best Video Game Trailer went to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It is a beautiful trailer that perfectly represents the fantasy and violence of the game. The Golden Fleece award went to Apollo 18. This award is given to a great trailer for a terrible movie. Congratulations?

By far, the most appropriate award was Trashiest Trailer going to Piranha 3DD. (WARNING: Both the trailer and official site for Piranha 3DD contain an insulting amount of female nudity.) This trailer is so insultingly terrible that I feel stupider just for having watched it. The trailer not only believes that you will see any movie filled with nudity and violence, but is proud of the fact that the only reason you would see this movie is for nudity and violence. Let’s all give Piranha 3DD a big hand and show our respect for its award by never ever seeing this horrible movie.

For a complete list of all of the awards and winners, check out the Golden Trailer Awards official site. You can also go to their YouTube page to see more of the winning trailers.

Best Documentary Trailer – George Harrison: Living in the Material World


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    Wow, I did not even know there were trailer awards! Nice round-up – thanks for sharing.

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