Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games fame recently posted a photo on Instagram of People Magazine‘s Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper kissing her baby nephew (and he isn’t even running for a political office!) Although the baby looks somewhat unimpressed or perhaps just sleepy, the picture is adorable, and Cooper appears to be having a great time with the tike.

Does this make the man even sexier? Um … I think most women would say so. Now, if he’d just speak French while holding a baby, a lot of women would probably explode.

Lawrence and Cooper are in Prague shooting a period epic called Serena, which is based on the Ron Rash novel about a couple in the 1930s who plot a murder. The film also stars Rhys Ifans and Toby Jones and is directed by Susanne Bier. We’ll have to wait until 2013 for its release, but we can see the pair in another film together before that.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Serena
Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in the upcoming Serena | 2929 Productions Photo

Lawrence and Cooper wrapped The Silver Linings Playbook last year, which is set to be released in November 2012. David O. Russell directed it based on the Matthew Quick novel, and it also stars Robert DeNiro and Julia Stiles.

Cooper will play The Elephant Man on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts this summer, a role he took on as a student at the Actors Studio. (I’ll be there.)

Word is that he wasn’t all that happy about his Sexiest Man title. It isn’t exactly a serious actor moniker, but it hasn’t hurt Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Sorry, Mr. Cooper, but you just can’t fight the sexy. (If you still aren’t convinced, read my 20 reasons why he deserved the accolade. And since there are no trailers available yet for his upcoming films, check out his smoldering turn on TV a few years ago in an ill-fated show called Kitchen Confidential.)


  1. Nothing beats a strong man being all tender and cute with a baby. Now if he spoke french while doing that it could get too much! Or maybe there is no such thing as too much beauty…


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