Sick of The Avengers? Watch Soundgarden’s New Video, Live to Rise

The Avengers

In case you hadn’t heard, The Avengers starts playing in theaters around the country at midnight tonight. You know how I know? No, it’s not because I’m a movie critic with my finger on the pulse of the entertainment world. It’s because they’ve been SHOUTING IT ALL OVER THE INTERWEBS FOR MONTHS!

It’s complete overkill, to the point where I’m just glad the movie is here so we can move on to hearing them shout about Prometheus UNTIL IT GETS RELEASED ON JUNE 8!

And yes, this is a post ABOUT THE AVENGERS, so now I’m one of those people SHOUTING IT ALL OVER THE INTERWEBS! But hey, let’s focus on the music for a moment. Below is the video for Soundgarden’s new single Live To Rise, launched today.

It’s pretty cool. In fact, I bet we’ll be seeing it parodied on an episode of Family Guy very soon. The only problem with these music videos? You end up watching practically the whole movie intercut throughout the video. Nonetheless, check it out, and let the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON BEGIN!





  1. Annie Avatar

    I’m sick of Marvel movies already, but some Soundgarden and Chris Cornell will definitely not hurt! I love that band.

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