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Bill Pullman to play a President … again … in NBC’s 1600 Penn | NBC

Seems like NBC is thinking outside the box for a change. As you may know, next season will be the last for fans of the Emmy-winning sitcom 30 Rock. I was never a big fan of the show and thought it was overrated.

Fans of Community and Parks & Recreation — I’m a fan of the latter — should know that both shows are getting short episode orders for next season. It seems that NBC does not have faith in these shows, which is interesting because classics like The Cosby Show, Seinfeld and Friends were always the highest rated shows for NBC’s Thursday block. What really gets me is that The Office is still on. Why? Just because it’s NBC’s highest-rated sitcom doesn’t mean that it should continue.

Last week, NBC unveiled some new fall shows, including 1600 Penn, which stars Bill Pullman (Independence Day) as the President of the United States and Jenna Elfman as his wife. The executive producers are Jason Winer (who directed the pilot, as well as many of Modern Family‘s best episodes), former White House speechwriter Jon Lovett, and Josh Gad, who played Jake Gyllenhaal’s brother in Love and Other Drugs.

Another show that looks promising is Animal Practice, which stars Weeds‘ Justin Kirk playing a veterinarian who loves animals, but hates their owners. It’s described as a House clone.

Any thoughts on these news shows from NBC? 


  1. hmmm….a show about the president- is it going to be similar to West Wing? (was that the name of the show that used to be about the president?)

    I’m always curious what makes shows last long and others to be cut so quickly. There were some shows that I liked and WHAM they were cut before they even began (almost)– and I wondered why, because I thought, “man I really like this show….” apparently no one else agreed with me. Then there are other shows which I can’t even watch for a minute- and they stay on for centuries! oh well.

    • Yeah, West Wing. I still haven’t watched that show, but it’s on the list. I think it’s hilarious that Bill Pullman keeps getting cast as the President. Maybe he should run for office.

  2. A House clone? I am sold! If it can be half as cynical as House, loving the diseases and their manifestation but hating the patients, I will be a big fan of the series.

  3. It makes it really tough to get invested in a show during the first season. Of course, they NEED us to get invested for the show to continue, but we only have so much emotional bandwidth when great shows get canceled.

  4. Justin Kirk as a House clone? Be still my heart. I will be watching AND programming the DVR to record it. I can’t wait!!!


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