Kristen Bell Gets Emotional Over Sloths

Kristen Bell loves slothsThis video of Kristen Bell on The Ellen DeGeneres Show has gone viral over the past 24 hours. The Veronica Mars star (still making my way through season three) gets freakishly emotional over sloths. And even more emotional when when she learns that boyfriend Dax Shepard has arranged for a special guest appearance by a sloth at her 31st birthday party. What a guy!

It’s ok, Kristen. I have similar reactions when people start talking day planners and desk organizers.


7 responses to “Kristen Bell Gets Emotional Over Sloths”

  1. Casey Avatar

    Oh man… I have loved KBell ever since the Veronica Mars days, but this just takes my affection for her to a whole new level. How can you not crack up when watching her cry excitedly about sloths??

  2. sarah henry Avatar

    What a guy — and where does one find a sloth for a birthday gift anyway?

  3. Mickey Avatar

    Great video..She looks stunning..Thanks for sharing..

  4. MyKidsEatSquid Avatar

    At first I thought she was joking. And like you Jane, a good day planner can bring me to tears

  5. Marifell Avatar

    She is so pretty! Thanks for the video here then…

  6. Kris Avatar

    I have to admit, I had no idea who Kristen Bell was before I saw this video – but I’ve watched the video over and over. What a riot!

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