American Idol Season 11

I just watched a few “select auditions” (that’s what they’re calling them in the Fox Screening Room) of American Idol, and now I’m psyched for the show to start.

Season 11 — yes, 11 — premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 18, and Thursday, Jan. 19 at 8/7c, with our old friends — host Ryan Seacrest and judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler — back at the helm.

American Idol Season 11Along with some awesome voices (I already have a favorite), we get to see Steven hug several girls (one who shamelessly gropes him – and he doesn’t seem to mind), Jennifer laugh joyfully (I do love her laugh), and Randy being his usual Randy-ish self.

Part of why I’m excited for American Idol is because I never really got into The X Factor. When I started watching it last fall, I figured it would take the place of my Idol obsession, but that’s not what happened. I sort of lost interest in The X Factor a few episodes into the season.

Yes, it was fun seeing Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul back together, but I never developed any connection with Nicole Scherzinger or Antonio Reid. I wasn’t familiar with those two to begin with and even had to look up their names to write this story. I couldn’t tell you who the host was. Ok, I just looked it up — Steve Jones. Sorry, Steve, I don’t even remember you.

One great thing to come out of The X Factor, though, is Melanie Amaro. From her first audition through getting called back to the show by Simon (a publicity ruse?), and then learning that she was the last singer standing? Most excellent. Her voice is totally amazing.

But let’s move on to American Idol. Here’s a little clip of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson discussing the upcoming season. You can tell they’re feeling a little bit of pressure from The X Factor, but honestly, guys, you’ve got my vote.


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