Snow White and the Huntsman

Universal Pictures released the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman this week. You can watch it below. Let’s just say it’s not the innocent fairy tale you remember from childhood. It’s dark and foreboding, even nightmarish.

Snow White and the Huntsman, Evil Queen
Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart plays the beautiful Snow White, the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen (Charlize Theron – yes, I’m cheering about that casting). But the wicked ruler doesn’t realize that the young girl who threatens her reign has been training in the art of war — with the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who was dispatched to kill her.

Ok, the fact that Snow White isn’t a damsel in distress is truly enlightened. How many of us moms have read those vintage fairy tales to our kids and added, “But you don’t have to be weak and faint of heart! You can be strong and fearless!”

Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart as the Warrior Snow White

The only problem is that Snow White and the Huntsman isn’t for kids. It will likely be rated PG-13, so at least teen girls will get the message. And because it stars Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, I’m betting there will be a lot of teen girls who go see this movie.

There IS a prince, however, played by Sam Claflin, who played Philip on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He was the man of God so enamored with Syrina the Mermaid. Perhaps he will need to be rescued by Snow White.

The production looks similar to Lord of the Rings (in other words, top-notch). Folks may not be familiar with director Rupert Sanders, as this is his first feature film. He’s an acclaimed commercial director known for his state of the art visuals.

Snow White and the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as the Brave Huntsman

The screenplay was written by Hossein Amini (Drive), and other writers include Evan Spiliotopoulos and Evan Daugherty. The production team includes Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland), Palak Patel, Sam Mercer and Sarah Bradshaw.

And let’s take a look at the inspired all-star cast of dwarves: Ian McShane (Beith), Nick Frost (Nion), Ray Winstone (Gort), Toby Jones (Coll), Bob Hoskins (Muir), Johnny Harris (Quert), Brian Gleeson (Gus), and Eddie Marsan (Duir).

I know, right? I’m super excited about these dwarves. They had me at Ian McShane and Ray Winstone.


  1. Charlize Theron looks wicked! But I like how they made it different from other fairy tale stories. Guess people doesn’t want to see another damsel in distress in these stories anymore!


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