the wedding party

I always figured I’d have “made it” once I got my name on a movie poster or DVD cover. Some film critics and reviewers court publicity much better than I do (though stay tuned on that), so whatever I’ve gotten has come to me organically.

I’m no Peter Travers from Rolling Stone, I can tell you that. He gets blurbed everywhere. Then again, he’s taken some heat for writing specifically TO get blurbed, but who knows. Maybe he’ll see this post and tell us whether he does that or not.

Anyway, now I can say that Reel Life With Jane has been blurbed on a movie poster. And it wasn’t even my blurb — it’s from my roving film festival reporter Melanie Votaw, who reported on Amanda Jane’s Australian comedy The Wedding Party at the Manhattan Film Festival this summer. A “deliciously funny romp,” she called it.

Take a look at the poster. Cool, huh?! And no, I haven’t left Northern Michigan for New York, but that’s where Melanie lives. We’re a very metropolitan publication. Check out Melanie’s Reel Life With Jane review on The Wedding Party‘s official Web site.

The Wedding Party




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