Bruce Willis and Krzysztof Trylinski
Bruce Willis has a great idea for Sobieski Vodka CEO Krzysztof Trylinski

I wouldn’t ordinarily write a post about vodka. This is a family site, after all, and I’m not a drinker, by any means. My adult beverage consumption is limited to a glass of wine once or twice a year on special occasions. I can’t say I’ve ever had vodka. Still, I’m not opposed to adults imbibing responsibly.

And I love Bruce Willis, even though he seems to play pretty much the same character in everything these days. Did you know there’s a Die Hard 5 in the works? At this point, Bruce Willis kind of IS John McClane.

Anyway, now he’s part owner of Sobieski Vodka and doing his part to promote the Polish vodka in a series of short films.

And look! It’s working! A family entertainment writer is writing about vodka! Because I like Bruce Willis! Watch below as he dresses up a vodka bottle as an adorable nutcracker. Check out more of Bruce’s ideas here. What do you bet we start seeing Sobieski Vodka in the Die Hard movies?


  1. Well, I guess that is an original take on a liquor bottle! I remember first seeing Bruce Willis in that tv series with-was it Cybil Sheppard? The name escapes me now. Anyway, I loved him in that.


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