American Idol's Haunted Mansion
It's gonna take a lot of sage to de-ghost this place |

Do sellers have to disclose whether there’s a ghost in the house? I have no idea, but I’m guessing that business mogul and Munchkin, Inc. founder Steven B. Dunn must have at least heard rumors about the Beverly Hills mansion he just bought for $11.2 million.

The nine-bedroom mansion served as a home for the 2011 American Idol finalists, who swore it was haunted. Unexplained flickering lights, an infestation of spiders, and a sheet floating off a bed and down the hall are just a few of the paranormal activities they experienced.

Idol contestant James Durbin told OK! Magazine, “I saw a hand in the garage! I have witnesses! I opened the door to the garage — I was trying to freak out Pia [Toscano] — and it freaked me out because I saw something white that looked like an arm.”

Sounds like a perfect setting for a real-life American Horror Story.



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