New Movie Friday: Straw Dogs, Drive, I Don’t Know How She Does It

We’ve had a dry spell at the theater in recent weeks, though I did get out to see Contagion, The Debt and Warrior. All of those are excellent movies, especially Warrior, which I think will signal Nick Nolte’s big comeback.

This week, we’ve got Ryan Gosling as a fast driver, Sarah Jessica Parker as a harried mom, and James Marsden as a guy pushed to the edge. Take a look at what’s new in theaters:

I Don’t Know How She Does It: As an employee at a Boston-based financial management firm, Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) struggles daily to balance the demands of her high-powered career with the needs of her husband (Greg Kinnear) and children. When she gets an account that requires frequent trips to New York and her husband gets a new job, Kate finds herself spread even thinner. Complicating Kate’s life even more is new business associate Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan), who throws temptation into the mix.

I know this movie’s been done a thousand times, but I still love the harried-mom flicks, and moms everywhere will identify with it. Oh, and Greg Kinnear. ‘Nuff said. It’s directed by Douglas McGrath, based on the book by Allison Pearson, and also stars Olivia Munn, Kelsey Grammer, Seth Meyers, and Christina Hendricks. Rated PG-13 for sexual references throughout.

Straw Dogs: L.A. screenwriter David Sumner (James Marsden) relocates with his wife (Kate Bosworth) to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both.

A remake of a 1971 film, this one is directed by Rod Lurie and also stars Alexander Skarsgard (vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, who’s sort of the main reason I want to see this movie), James Woods and Dominic Purcell. Rated R for strong brutal violence, including a sexual attack, menace, some sexual content, and pervasive language.

Drive: A Hollywood stuntman (Ryan Gosling) who moonlights as a getaway driver for thieves finds that a price has been put on his head after a failed robbery. Directed by Nicolas Refn, it also stars Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks and Ron Perlman. Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence, language and some nudity.

Also in Theaters: The Lion King in 3D. Will people go out to see this? I don’t know. The 3D factor isn’t enough to get me to the theater (especially since I nearly always choose a NON-3D option over 3D).


  1. Susan Avatar

    I’m looking forward to seeing I Don’t Know How She Does It, both for SPJ and because it’s set in Boston. Not super-interested in the other two movies, but maybe I’d Netflix them.

  2. NoPotCoooking Avatar

    Glad to know you liked I Don’t KNow How She Does It. My local paper only gave it two stars. I read the book, but wasn’t in love with it. I do want to see the movie though.

  3. MyKidsEatSquid Avatar

    None of these movies interest me much–but I saw that Jane Eyre is out on DVD so I might pick that up. Any movies you’re psyched about seeing soon?

  4. judy stock Avatar

    Jane, can’t wait to see the new Sarah Jessica Parker film. Love her. And, after your review now I really, really wanta see it. Thanks for the extra encouragement!!


  5. Living Large Avatar

    None of these movies interested me, but I did read a review in our local paper for The Debt. I would like to see that one.

  6. sarah henry Avatar

    I’m sorry, but after seeing the disappointing One Day (read the book first, which had, naturally, a very British feel) and wincing through Anne Hathaway’s simply awful and inconsistent accent (where was the voice coach?) I’ve decided not to see I Don’t Know How She Does It, another American movie based on an English novel.

    There are plenty of Brit actors who could play that lead role that went to the very American Sarah Jessica Parker. Why do directors do this? And where is the next Meryl Streep, who defies nationality, when we need her?

  7. ruth pennebaker Avatar

    Wait — doesn’t Sarah Jessica Parker play an American version of the originally British heroine?

  8. merr Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to read I Don’t Know How She Does It after hearing the author interviewed (about another work) and then saw it was being made into a movie. The other two, I’d not heard of before reading your post.

  9. Alexandra Avatar

    I would go see Drive, because of the actors, but really cannot take “strong brutal bloody violence.” That actor, Ryan Gosling, did a really good job in Blue Valentine.

  10. Jeanine Barone Avatar

    I just saw Drive this weekend and found it amazing. In fact, probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last 6 months. (But very violent.)

  11. Monika Avatar

    You really have a great job on this article and I just want to congratulate you for sharing this with us. I can’t wait also to see the new Sarah Jessica Parker film. I’m a big fun of her and I lover her so much.

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