Footloose, Kenny Wormald
Kenny Wormald in Footloose 2011 | Paramount

I think it’s pretty clear by now that there are no — or at least very few — new ideas in Hollywood. We’ve got upcoming remakes of Footloose, Dirty Dancing, The Thin Man, Robocop, Total Recall, The Great Gatsby, Dune, The Three Musketeers, Judge Dredd, and The Lone Ranger, just to name a few.

Some of these remakes I don’t understand at all. Judge Dredd? The original movie was pretty awful, and yet they’re going to attempt it again? What could they possibly be thinking?

Some remakes I totally get, although that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily cheering for them. Dirty Dancing without Patrick Swayze? That’ll never work. It’ll just be a lonely shell of a classic movie. Though I guess if anyone could do it justice, it’d be director Kenny Ortega, who’s sort of THE dance movie director in my mind.

I’m inclined to think the same about Footloose, in theaters Oct. 14, 2011. It just doesn’t seem right to try and recapture the wonders of Kevin Bacon in the original. It stars Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell.

No offense to director Craig Brewer, who directed and wrote Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan, but I’m kind of shuddering to think about the Footloose remake, especially after watching the trailer below. I DO like the Volkswagen, though (I had a blue one in high school), and the small town America setting.

What do you think of the trailer? Is this remake in any way a good idea?


  1. Have followed this remake of Footloose from the day Julianne was signed on to play Ariel. OK, so it does nothing for you, don’t go see it. I for 1 cannot wait for this movie to come out. I would be willing to bet you that this remake is going to be better than the original. But since you are not going to see it , you will never know. I am a 61 yr old grandmother and I loved the 1st Footloose (Never a big Kevin Bacon fan) but this one is for this generation, and it is going to be great!

    • Thanks for the note, Joy! Well, now I’ll have to see it! Actually, I’ll see it anyway, because I’ll need to review it for my syndicated movie column. I can’t say I was wowed by the trailer, but I always try to go into a movie with high hopes. I’m not as optimistic as you about it being better than the original, but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

      And I love that you’re a 61-year-old grandmother who’s psyched for a remake for *this generation. Usually it’s the other way around – people want to stick with the originals for better or worse – so good on ya!

      So are you a big fan of Julianne Hough? What other TV or movie projects has she been involved with that we should see?

      • Thanks for the reply, Julianne just finished shooting Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise and a lot of other big name stars, She and Diego Boneta are the stars of the movie. And I think there will be an announcement this next week for another big movie, I hope it is “Lamb of God” by Diablo Cody. Not sure on that one. She is gonna be a big star. Have followed Julianne and her brother Derek since Juliannes 1st night on Dancing with the Stars in 2007. Also followed her singing career.

  2. I’m a sucker for a good dance movie, so I’ll probably see it on Netflix. People were also somewhat traumatized when they turned Footloose into a Broadway musical (we did a production of the musical when I was in college and I played Rev. Shaw’s wife/Ariel’s mom, who isn’t a big part in the movie but has two songs in the musical).

  3. I know, right? When the first trailer came out, my sister elbowed me and said “He’s no Kevin Bacon!” and we laughed so hard. I feel bad for this pretty boy going up against the epitomy of cool.


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