Shane Sparks from So You Think You Can Dance to Stand Trial for Rape, Child Molestation

Shane Sparks to Stand Trial for Child Molestation
Shane Sparks Trial to Begin Aug. 16 | Wire Image

This news makes me sad, because I always really liked Shane Sparks as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. I especially loved his excitement over Bryan Gaynor, a.k.a. the “robot boy,” that we still talk about in this house.

According to Dance Track Magazine, the Hip Hop star will stand trial in a Los Angeles courtroom on August 16, 2011, on charges of rape and child molestation.

Sparks, who also appeared on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, was arrested on Dec. 18, 2010 at his North Hollywood apartment on six counts of a lewd act upon a child and two counts of oral copulation of a person under 16. The accuser, who was younger than 14 at the time, is identified in court documents only by first name and last initial.

The alleged crimes occurred between July 1, 1994 and April 30, 1997. Sparks is currently free on bail, but if convicted on all charges, he could spend up to 14 years and eight months in prison. His pre-trial conference was held yesterday, Aug. 9, at the Van Nuys, California Courthouse.

You’re probably wondering if the statute of limitations had expired, but according to the story, because the accuser was a minor at the time of the alleged offense, a criminal complaint was filed within one year of the report, and “the violation, as alleged, involved substantial sexual conduct, namely, sexual intercourse and oral copulation; and there is clear and convincing corroborations including, but not limited to, defendant’s statements.”

Now I’m wondering why he hasn’t gone to trial before now, because that seems like a long time to have a case hanging out there. If anyone knows, tell us in the comments below.

Alex Da Silva
Alex Da Silva | E! Online

Sparks’ attorney, Leonard B. Levine, has said Sparks maintains his innocence. It’s an awful crime, but people do stupid things, especially celebrities who think they’re immune to the law. I’m hoping this is one awful blip and that he’s a better man now. He should still serve time in jail, though.

In related news, Alex Da Silva, a salsa instructor and choreographer who was also a frequent presence on So You Think You Can Dance, was arrested in 2009 on four charges of sexual assault that allegedly occurred between 2002 and 2009. Unlike the Sparks case, the Da Silva case involves multiple victims, all of whom were students of his at the time.

He faces a maximum sentence of 90 years to life with the possibility of parole. His trial is set to begin on August 24, 2011, and I hope they throw the book at this guy.

What is it with celebrities anyway? You’re not immune to the law, people!


8 responses to “Shane Sparks from So You Think You Can Dance to Stand Trial for Rape, Child Molestation”

  1. Roxanne Avatar

    Awful. How old was Sparks at the time?

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I think he’s 42 now, so according to my calculations, he would have been around 26 at the time. Old enough to know better. And according to a story in E! Online, the girl didn’t come forward to authorities until she was an adult. I was wondering why he didn’t get nabbed sooner, and I guess that’s why.

  2. Melanie Haiken Avatar

    Wow, this kind of stuff makes me really sad. What I particularly hate is when guys make excuses like “I thought she was older” or “she wanted it too;” young girls are often not ready to know what they want or to know how to say no in a way powerful, egotistical guys can hear.

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I know what you mean, Melanie. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Argh…

  3. Living Large Avatar

    This is disgusting. I’m really sick of these “stars” getting away with crimes against women and typically, returning to their lives as if nothing happened. Re: Mike Tyson

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      Let’s hope these two at least do SOME jail time. Re people like Mike Tyson and Casey Anthony – it really makes you wonder about our justice system these days. Something is truly wrong. I’ll be curious to see how these upcoming trials pan out.

  4. Johnny Avatar

    Hip hop star? Who is this person?

  5. Criminal Defense Avatar

    Really very disgusting. These “stars” getting away with crimes against women and typically, returning to their lives as if nothing happened..this is really bad.

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