Touching in from the Traverse City Film Festival

Kevin Clash and Elmo from Being Elmo
Elmo and his alter-ego Kevin Clash, the stars of Being Elmo, a Puppeteer's Journey

It’s always the same every year. The Traverse City Film Festival arrives, and I think I’ll be able to watch four movies every day for five days straight and then come home at night and write up lovely, impassioned prose about what I’ve seen that day. You can see how well that’s worked out this week.

So I’ll just touch base with this lovely photo of Kevin Clash and his alter-ego Elmo, that sweet, childlike muppet from Sesame Street. Kevin and Elmo were on hand for a Q&A after their documentary, Being Elmo, A Puppeteer’s Journey, screened at the beautiful State Theatre in downtown Traverse City.

I’ll write more about Being Elmo and the other films I’ve seen this week in the coming days. Between Comic-Con 2011 and the Traverse City Film Festival, I’ll have tons of fodder for the blog for weeks to come! Stay tuned.

Photo: Jane Boursaw


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  1. Lauren Clarke Avatar

    I came across your blog today and I there have really enjoyed reading about what is obviously your passion. While many of us struggle to write something every day I love the way you are able to make a plan in your head of the posts you are going to make. As a self-confessed film fan I’m looking forward to them.

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