Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson

Notes from Michigan-Not-Comic-Con: Veronica Mars, Captain America, and Friends With Benefits

Comic-Con 2011, Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg
Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg at Comic-Con 2011

It seems like everyone who’s anyone in the entertainment industry is in San Diego this weekend at Comic-Con, hobnobbing with geeks and nerds at cool events like wOOtstock with Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage.

But I’m not there and, frankly — even though the Comic-Con Schedule looks amazing — I’m much happier to be here in Michigan with my cold bay, ripe cherries and upcoming Traverse City Film Festival. So I thought I’d give you a rundown of my weekend so far.

Veronica Mars a.k.a. Kristen Bell
The always stylish Veronica Mars a.k.a. Kristen Bell | The WB

Last night, I attempted once more to get through season three of Veronica Mars. It’s not that season three is so much worse than seasons one and two, but well, it’s just not as exciting or interesting. Still, I’m determined to get through it before I move onto something new with Jane After Dark.

Keith McDuffee, my bud over at, is a big fan of Veronica Mars and wrote up a nice little primer on it, advising folks to “watch season one, enjoy the hell out of it, and stop. Just stop right there. Do not continue on into season two, and just go read some season-long synopsis on Wikipedia or something for the rest.”

Unfortunately, once I start something, it’s nearly impossible for me to stop until I’ve reached the sometimes-bitter end. And actually, it took me forever to get into season one, but then I moved directly into season two and loved that so much that I immediately drove to FYE to find season three.

So, Keith, on I go into season three of Veronica Mars. I’ve got Crime Story waiting as my carrot on a stick, so I’m hoping that will spur me on towards the finish line.

Last night I also saw Captain America, which I thoroughly enjoyed, even though I know nothing about the Marvel character or comic book. Chris Evans is pretty hunky, though, and I love how the filmmakers paid attention to all the 1940s details and World War Two – Nazi Germany settings. I’ll be reviewing that for my Reel Life With Jane syndication partners this weekend, so look for that review by Monday.

Friends With Benefits, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis
Are Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis just friends or what?

Today I saw Friends With Benefits and liked this movie far better than a lot of the other sex-between-friends movies released lately — most notably, No Strings Attached starring the mismatched Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. Thankfully, Friends With Benefits is more like When Harry Met Sally — a well-written romantic comedy with heart, snappy banter and a happy ending. My kind of movie.

Tonight I plan to watch the pilot screener for The Playboy Club and write up something for my column over at TV Worth Watching. The show is getting lots of buzz, mainly because groups like Morality in Media are launching campaigns to put a stop to the 1960s-era series. I’m hoping for a Mad Men-type show, but it sounds more crime-drama-ish than Mad Men-ish. Look for my TV Worth Watching column in the next week or so to find out how I feel about the show.

By the way, the fall screeners are being delivered to my doorstep on a daily basis now, and there’s the usual amount of good shows, mediocre shows and downright bad shows. I’ll keep you posted on those, too.

In case, like me, you’re not at Comic-Con this weekend, check out some of Keith’s awesome photos of the event.


  1. Alexandra Avatar

    I enjoyed checking out the photos. Seems like quite an event! I wish the organizers would give all the stars really cool water bottles with Comic-Con 2011 on them. They could become instant collectors’ items and would help the environment, not to mention setting an example for the thousands of fans who attend ….

    1. Jane Boursaw Avatar

      I noticed that this summer, our Traverse City Film Festival offered re-usable water bottles with the TCFF logo on them. And also offered water out of large water bottles, poured into small plastic cups. Though now that I think of it, it’s still plastic. But at least they’re headed in the right direction with the re-usable bottles.

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