Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolAbout a week ago, I posted the trailer for ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,’ which looks absolutely awesome. I’ve loved all the ‘Mission Impossible’ movies, as well as the original series with Peter Graves, and can’t wait for this one. It’ll be a nice Christmas present, because it arrives in theaters Dec. 16, 2011.

Director Brad Bird and producer/actor Tom Cruise have been filming in Dubai and recently held a press conference at the Hotel Dubai. In the panel below are Bird, Cruise, actors Jeremy Renner and  Paula Patton, and producers Bryan Burk and Jeffrey Chernov.

I have to chuckle over Paula Patton’s fan-girl excitement over both the film and, apparently, Tom Cruise. Well, yeah. I’d be excited to be in a film with him, too! Although I must admit, I can’t hear that ‘Mission Impossible’ music without thinking about the Jerry O’Connell parody over at Funny or Die.


  1. People in HollyWood never gets old ! (then they just die , young looking)

    I agree with the female part. Someone like Linda Hamilton from T2 or that girl from Fast and Furious – girls with balls!


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