Sneak Peek: Terra Nova

Terra Nova, Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang of 'Terra Nova': "Yes, I'm a tough dude." | Amblin

I’m starting to get some screeners and sneak peeks of TV shows coming up this fall and winter. So far, the climate of next season falls somewhere between awesome and lame.

Leaning towards the awesome side is Fox’s ‘Terra Nova,’ a sci-fi drama that centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family living in the year 2149. But the planet is dying, so they’re transported back in time 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.

The show has a lot going for it:

  • It’s produced by Amblin Entertainment, Steven Spielberg’s production company (which, by the way, is named after Spielberg’s student film titled ‘Amblin’).
  • It’s got a Jurassic Park-Avatar feel to it, with big dinosaurs roaming the earth and such.
  • It stars Stephen Lang, the tough-guy colonel from ‘Avatar’ (who first caught my attention on ‘[amazon_link id=”B000A59Q8C” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Crime Story[/amazon_link]’ years ago).
  • It also stars Jason O’Mara as Jim Shannon. He was the main character in the American version of ‘[amazon_link id=”B001XRLWLU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Life on Mars[/amazon_link],’ the mystery sci-fi show that aired from 2008 to 2009.

    Fox didn’t send me a whole episode, just the screener, which is still pretty awesome. Take a look and see what you think. Looking forward to ‘Terra Nova’? The one drawback is that it looks really expensive to make. If it doesn’t score good numbers right off the bat, I’m afraid it won’t last long.


    1. Jane Boursaw ( Avatar

      Sneak Peek: Terra Nova via @reellifejane Awesome factor: Stephen Lang from #Avatar (and Crime Story!). #wsbr #falltv

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