Look, I know that when things get crazy and your life is one mish-mash of data input and outgo, things fall through the cracks. You should see my email inbox. It’s a nightmare.

But if you’re in the business of making DVD covers, don’t you think you’d double-check to make sure the movie title is spelled right? I haven’t watched ‘[amazon_link id=”B004ULEEYS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Happy Thieves[/amazon_link]’ yet, so can’t comment on the movie itself. But it doesn’t bode well if MGM can’t even get the title spelled right. Even Tim Gunn isn’t happy about it.

I hope they didn’t think no one would notice. Or maybe they thought the movie was so bad that no one would ever watch it anyway. I’m sure Rita Hayworth and Rex Harrison are probably somewhere going, “What the… ”

Happy Thieves Typo
"Make it work ... ?"



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