America's Got Talent, Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Talented Host

We LOVE ‘America’s Got Talent‘ in this house. If ever there was appointment TV as a family, that show is it. The performers are diverse and fun, (some of) the talent is pretty amazing this summer, and the judges work well together (although sometimes I get the feeling Piers Morgan would rather be anywhere other than AGT).

One of our favorite parts of the show is host Nick Cannon. He’s such a likeable guy, and you forget that he’s actually married to mega-superstar Mariah Carey and also a new dad to twins.

I love that he seems to cheer for all the performers equally, no matter how crazy or weird they are. I love his little backstage chats and hugs, and he seems to participate in more of the acts this year, too. Check out a few videos below.

Are you a Nick Cannon fan?

America’s Got Talent, Season 6 – Nick Cannon Pole Dancing:

America’s Got Talent, Season 6 – Nick Cannon and the Freestyle Dancer from Alaska:

America’s Got Talent, Season 6 – Nick Cannon and the Paper Horn Man:


  1. I get the appeal of the show, but I’ve only watched bits here and there (back when Springer was the host). It’s nice to hear they have a new, genuine host.

    • I thought Jerry Springer was pretty funny as host, but I like Nick Cannon better. I love how he cheers for everyone, and he’s always ready with a hug when people come off the stage.


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