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Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin of 'Dual Survival' | Discovery

If you haven’t checked out ‘Dual Survival‘ yet, you’re missing some good fun. Plus, you’ll need the guys’ valuable survival tips on the off chance you’re ever marooned on a desert island, trapped in the Kentucky wilderness, or fending off hippos in the wilds of South Africa.

The Discovery Channel show pairs ex-military guy Dave Canterbury and primitive survival expert Cody Lundin, two complete opposites who often have differing ways to “improvise, adapt and overcome.” But hey, if they accomplish the same goal — staying alive — then that’s all that matters.

It’s must-see TV in this house, partly because of the hilarious Codyisms that come out of the Braided One’s mouth. I’ve collected a few below, and be sure to check out ‘Dual Survival,’ airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

There’s still an episode or two left this season, and yay! It was just picked up for a third season. More Codyisms ahead!

Dual Survival, Montana Badlands
Nice hide, Cody!

Favorite Cody Lundin Quotes:

  • “I feel like a tick on a dog.”
  • “I feel like an hors deurve waiting to happen.”
  • “I’m the Bernie Madoff of this spider.”
  • “It’s like someone has your scrotum in a small vice.”
  • “I know I look like a piece of sausage to those lions. A sausage with braids.”
  • “It’s like walking through someone’s small intestine.”
  • “I feel like a nude little piece of white meat out here.”
  • “Because I don’t want to be wearing my scrotum as a necklace.”
  • “It’s like walking on a 1970 blaze orange shag carpet… in a kitchen…”
  • “So do you want a turd sandwich or a turd sandwich with mustard. I’d go with the mustard, but still, it’s a turd sandwich.”
  • “Rat is a lot like duck, except with a wonderfully nutty flavor.”
  • “You’re my depth gauge. If I see your hat floatin’, I’ll stop.”
  • “Are you sure that’s meat? That looks like a penis.”
  • “It’s like walking on a big sumptuous butt.”
  • “So I’m pampering myself to a homemade stone pumice session, to sand down my feet … because I’m worth it.”

And these last two aren’t exact quotes, because I couldn’t fine them right off the bat, so if anyone knows the exact wording, please leave it in the comments below.

  • [While crafting a spear] “I’d rather have sixteen guys behind me holding AK47s, but that’s not gonna happen.”
  • [On Dave going barefoot] “Soon he’ll be wearing shorts and growing his hair out, and the transformation will be complete.”

Got any favorite Codyisms? Or Daveisms? I’ll have to do a separate post for Dave, because he’s really funny, too.


  1. Haven’t heard of this show, being Down Under and all, but it sounds like the sort of thing we’d watch. We watch Man vs Wild, to see what disgusting thing Bear Grylls will eat raw each episode…

  2. At first I thought the show would be kind of annoying because of their differences, but over time it seems like they get along pretty well. I do find Cody’s quotes funny, but often giggle at how much DAVE says “brother” … like Hulk Hogan.

    • I love Dave’s “brother” thing, too. We’ve got a guy friend who jokes that the show’s too “Brokeback” for him. Cody and Dave DO have a bit of a bromance going there (not in *that way, of course).

  3. Two more Cody Lundinisms:

    On the effort to carve out a canoe by burning the center and carving out the center, “I’m thinking a normal person would say, ‘screw our dug-out canoe, dude, just Huck Finn it down the river.'”
    On contemplating what was in the cave with the “jack-O-Lantern” tooth hanging down, “Put on those truth glasses and you can pretty much see I’m clueless.”

  4. Oh man do I love Codyisms! Here are two more:

    “This is a jungle that will rip your f’in face off and put it back on in a different way.”

    “We’re in the middle of a cloud forest with jack s – – t for gear… there is no ideal. Ideal is leaving in a jet plane with a martini.”

  5. Best line ever: “So I’m gonna take my sack of gonads back to Dave and share the bounty of my love.”

    He’s referring to sea urchin gonads, of course, from the Maine episode. 😀

  6. Yo I’ve been rewatching season two and found some Lundin gold in ep6 frozen plains. First, when they’re in the hay bale Cody says hay Dave goes hay what, Cody says no, hay Dave says that’s what we’re in Cody goes yeah and Dave finishes with a disappointed sounding “oh.” then when they’re hiking down the ridge to get to a frozen river Cody starts making up a song about finding flint rock and ends up implementing the term love rocket to rhyme with pocket. The whole series is on Netflix now, definitely worth revisiting. Cheers!

  7. Great collection of quotes. The best one that I love is “So do you want a turd sandwich or a turd sandwich with mustard. I’d go with the mustard, but still, it’s a turd sandwich.”
    Thanks for this amazing quotes


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