By now, we all know that Scotty McCreery is the winner of ‘American Idol‘ season ten. Very close competition, all the way through, and it could have gone either way. Lauren Alaina was a formidable talent right to the end, especially since she blew out a vocal chord the night before!

But look, it’s a real joy to see Scotty win. He’s an awesome singer, and it will be fun to see where his career goes. He’s only 17, and he’s already gained so much confidence and sense of self since auditioning for ‘Idol.’

haley reinhard, tony bennett, american idol
Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett, 'Steppin' Out' on 'American Idol'

But my favorite part of the ‘American Idol’ finale wasn’t the final moments. It was when Tony Bennett joined Haley Reinhart onstage for a jazzy version of ‘Steppin’ Out.’ Seeing [amazon_link id=”B00136LV3A” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tony Bennett [/amazon_link]always makes me smile, and I was practically giddy when those two started dancing. It was like being in a 1940s night club!

What a thrill it must have been for Haley, who took the whole experience in stride like a pro. And for the record, Tony Bennett is 84. Pay attention, people!

Here’s the clip again, and yeah, I’m posting it partly so I can come back every day and watch it for a dose of cheer.



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