Two-Foot Fred

On ‘The Celebrity Apprentice‘ this past Sunday, I was more intrigued with the guy named ‘Two-Foot Fred’ than I was by Meatloaf’s childish meltdown. When Fred showed up at the art sale helmed by project manager John Rich, I looked at my family and said, “Just wait, he’ll have his own reality show by next year.” There’s something so intriguing about a two-foot guy who can afford to buy a guitar for $400,000-plus. I did a little digging to learn more about him.

Two-Foot FredHis real name is Frederick Gill, and he’s actually 3′ 2″ tall. Born with a form of dwarfish known as diastrophic dysplasia, Fred underwent corrective surgeries early in life for a cleft palate, club feet and scoliosis. His grandfather crafted walking sticks for him after the scoliosis surgery left him unable to walk unassisted.

All of this is intriguing enough, but even moreso because Fred has been so successful, despite his physical challenges. He went on to earn a degree at Indiana’s Ball State University and gain success as a restaurant owner, real estate entrepreneur, and part of MuzikMafia (an informal collection of American country music artists founded in 2001), emceeing live shows for Big & Rich and energizing crowds on their tour.

There’s a great interview with Two-Foot Fred at The Boot, and here’s a little video to acquaint you with him. Think I’m right that he’ll have his own reality show soon?  With the popularity of ‘Little People, Big World,’ I bet it’d be a hit.

Check out Fred’s YouTube Channel and MySpace page, and follow him on Twitter.


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