Royal Wedding: Pre-Wedding Pictures of Prince William, Kate Middleton and More

Are you excited for the Royal Wedding? I’m a total nerd about it. I just posted a few pictures of Kate Middleton, arriving at the Goring Hotel with her mother Carole and sister Pippa.

Here are a few more pre-wedding photos, including Prince William greeting the crowd outside Clarence House, where he stayed last night. I guess it was all very impromptu, and it’s so cool that he’s such a “people’s prince,” just like his mom was a “people’s princess.” His brother Prince Harry greeted the crowd, too.

And despite the fact that a lot of royal weddings end in divorce, I have high hopes that these two will go the distance. They’ve already spent years getting to know each other, so it’s not like there are any surprises in store.

And I just heard that The Queen has bestowed official titles for the happy couple: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So sweet!

Are you a Royal Wedding nut like me?


Photos: The Times



6 responses to “Royal Wedding: Pre-Wedding Pictures of Prince William, Kate Middleton and More”

  1. Jane Boursaw ( Avatar

    Loving the #RoyalWedding. Check out a few pre-wedding photos of William and Kate: #makesmesmile #bbcwedding

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  3. Jaemi Avatar

    It’s almost a year since they got married and it seems like things are going well between them. Now, everyone’s waiting for baby news.

  4. Shee Avatar

    Yeah,the royal babies will coming soon. Kate is so pretty, but I believe her first born will be prettier than her. 😀

    1. Couples Wedding Avatar
      Couples Wedding

      I agree with you. It’s been a year, and I guess their relationship is going strong.

  5. Senior Pictures Avatar

    Loves the royal wedding. I wish the royal babies come soon. Every one is waiting for the good news…..

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