Well, it’s that time. The Royal Wedding is finally here! It’s so poignant to see Prince William and Prince Harry walking into Westminster Abbey, the scene of their mother’s funeral, and to think of them walking so solemnly behind her casket not that many years ago. It’s sad that she’s not here to be part of the event, but you have a feeling she’s there in spirit.

What a day this must be for the boys, and it’s cool to see them walk casually into the church, greet people and kiss some of the female attendees.  You didn’t see that informality in previous royal weddings, so it sort of signifies a shift in protocol.

The gorgeous bride stunned in a French Chantilly and English Cluny lace gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. She wore ivory duchesse satin shoes that were also hand-made by the team at McQueen.

Check out some photos of the happy nuptials…



  1. Even with all the hoopla, I must say I do not envy this couple. Thanks for posting the photos. I had been listening on the radio, in bed. So, it was nice to see photos when I got up. (Both our TV rooms are occupied with B&B guests.)

  2. I’m with Alexandra–I don’t envy the media attention showered on them. I hope that all goes well for them. I remember my sister staying up (waking up early?) to watch the Lady Di/Charles wedding.

  3. I hadn’t planned on watching it live, but decided at the last minute to do so. It was the right decision – was unexpectedly moving and everyone looked GREAT.

  4. about that lace — it was done with the Irish Carickmacross technique, actually, in a design which incorporated the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock.

    I though the service was right on, a well thought out combination of pageantry and personal. I thought most of the television converage was fair too, although a few of the commentators I could have done without.

  5. I got to watch part of the ceremony from a flight as I flew to a conference. But I hadn’t seen all these images so thanks for sharing!


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