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Trailer Talk: Hop!

I’ve really been looking forward to ‘Hop,’ the ultra cute family film that hits theaters this Friday. It’s a blend of live-action and CG animation, and the characters are way too adorable. Plus, it’s fun to see Russell Brand as a cute bunny rather than the seedy characters he usually plays in movies like ‘[amazon_link id=”B002ZG97PQ” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Get Him to the Greek[/amazon_link]’ and ‘[amazon_link id=”B001C0JCBK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Forgetting Sarah Marshall[/amazon_link].’

Hop Poster‘Hop’ reveals some little known facts about holiday mascots, like for one thing, not all of them are geeked about their job. When young “E.B.” (voiced by Brand) is about to be crowned the new Easter Bunny, he’s not so sure he wants the job. He’s content to hang out, play his drums, and kick back with some tunes. So he heads off to Hollywood to find fame and fortune and, hopefully, land a gig playing in a band.

But those plans go haywire when he’s hit by a car driven by Fred (James Marsden), who agrees to take him into his home. ‘Hop’ is directed by Tim Hill (he directed 2007’s ‘[amazon_link id=”B0013RDZW4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Alvin and the ‘Chipmunks[/amazon_link]’)  and also stars Kaley Cuoco, David Hasselhoff and Chelsea Handler. Even the crude humor, which I usually find appalling, is cute. Who knew that’s where jelly beans came from?! Check out a few clips, trailers and behind-the-scenes videos…






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