Charlie Sheen

Over at, my friend Sheryl Kraft blogged this week about why so many of us are transfixed by Charlie Sheen. I must admit, I’m one of those transfixed people.

charlie-sheen-two-and-a-half-menSheryl says it’s because 1) he provides a nice distraction from all the chaos, destruction and turmoil in the world, including the heartbreaking tsunami in Japan; and 2) he makes us feel that much better about our own lives.

And I’ll add: he’s just darn entertaining. I guess all of his shows – yes, he’s going on tour – have sold out, even though nobody knows exactly what he’s going to do DURING the shows. Sing, do monologues, talk about winning? Who knows?

There’s a TLC documentary in the works, ‘Charlie Sheen: On the Brink,’ and the Schmoyoho guys put together a catchy video of Sheen-isms. It’s probably not good that my kids and I keep playing this over and over. Check it out and tell me whether you’ve had enough of Charlie. Would you go see him perform live on stage? I’m not sure I’d go that far with my obsession.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jane. I’ve been away from TV for the past week, but I must admit that when I heard CBS might be re-hiring Sheen, I perked up. What IS it???


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