Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy

Warren Beatty made news this week when a U.S. District Court ruled in his favor in a legal dispute with Tribune Media Services over the rights to famous crime fighter Dick Tracy.

warren-beatty-dick-tracy-dvd Judge Dean D. Pregerson sided with Beatty on Thursday, awarding him the rights to the character he portrayed in the 1990 film ‘[amazon_link id=”B00005T7I1″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Dick Tracy[/amazon_link].’ Back in 2008, Beatty sued Tribune Media, claiming the company acted wrongly in trying to retrieve the character’s rights, which it had assigned to Beatty.

Under the original 1985 agreement between the two parties, the rights to Tracy would revert to Tribune if “a certain period of time” lapsed without Beatty having produced another project.

Pregerson wrote that “Beatty’s commencement of principal photography of his [Dick Tracy] television special on November 8, 2008 was sufficient for him to retain the Dick Tracy rights.”

So, in honor of Warren Beatty and Dick Tracy, I present you with this photo from the film. Now I’m going to have to dig out the movie and watch it again! I’m reminded that it won three Oscars and also starred Madonna as Breathless Mahoney, Mandy Patinkin as 88 Keys, Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles, James Caan as Spaldoni, Al Pacino as Big Boy Caprice, Dick Van Dyke as D.A. Fletcher, and Paul Sorvino as Lips Manlis. Sweetness.



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  1. I know, right? The only recent listing I see on IMDB is the “Dick Tracy Special,” which it’s showing as a “2010 TV Movie” on Turner Classic Movies. It’s not showing a release date, though, so I wonder if it ever aired. Makes you wonder if Warren Beatty threw this thing together simply to retain the rights to the character.


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