Ok, so I succumbed to celebrity voyeurism and watched the videos where Charlie Sheen sits down with a guy from TMZ and spills his guts. I’m not even sure who the girl is in this video. Should I know? Anyone know? Just the coffee girl, or something more? I feel kind of sorry for her, at any rate.

charlie-sheen-rant-tmz I have no idea what Sheen has or hasn’t done regarding drugs, alcohol, sex or anything else. You don’t really know unless you’re right there all the time. But I will say this: he looks awful, doesn’t he? He’s 45, but looks at least 10 years older to me.

And he does seem really ticked off with the world. I love how the TMZ guy just lets him talk. Really, it seems like they had a good conversation, and Sheen owns up to some of his shortcomings. It doesn’t seem all that rant-ish.

Ok, I’ll just let you watch the videos (below and after the jump) and draw your own conclusions. Leave comments below.

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