Secretariat on DVD/Blu-Ray: One of My Favorite Family Movies of 2010

One of my favorite family movies last year is ‘Secretariat,’ the Disney film about the famed race horse who won the 1973 Triple Crown, and his owner Penny Chenery, played by Diane Lane.

secretariat-dvd-bluray And I’m not alone. Roger Ebert called it “one of the year’s best films,” and Pete Hammond of Boxoffice Magazine said, “It’s a truly exciting, beautifully made movie that makes a run for your heart and will have you standing up and cheering.”

See, and I was just about to say that I had to force myself not to jump out of my theater seat and cheer during the race scenes, lest I embarrass my kids horribly.

You can read my full review here. The DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack was released this week on Jan. 25, and includes some awesome bonus features. More after the jump…


Heart Of A Champion – This feature takes a look at one of the most famous thoroughbred horses ever known. Secretariat was a horse with style, as well as amazing speed and an unsurpassed racing record. We interview all the key players from the day as well as today’s filmmakers to learn more about the horse affectionately called “Red.”

Deleted Scenes With Optional Audio Commentary By Director Randall Wallace

  • Director Introduction
  • Memories 
  • Seth Joins The Team 
  • Too Soon To Celebrate

Music Video – AJ Michalka “It’s Who You Are”


The same as the DVD, plus…

Choreographing The Races – This piece looks at how director Randall Wallace and the filmmakers used innovative tools and technology to accurately and excitingly recreate the Triple Crown races that make the viewer feel like they are standing on the backstretch themselves.

A Director’s Inspiration: A Conversation With The Real Penny Chenery – Director Randall Wallace sits down with Secretariat owner Penny Chenery to review the movie and some of the key scenes. Penny reflects on what it was like to have been a woman in a male dominated sport and to have been part of horse racing’s most exciting moments in history.

Audio Commentary By Director Randall Wallace – View the film with optional audio commentary from Director Randall Wallace.

Deleted Scenes With Optional Audio Commentary By Director Randall Wallace – The same deleted scenes as the DVD, plus four more…

  • Alternate Opening 
  • Introduction 
  • “Are You A Golfer?” 
  • No Time To Rest

Secretariat Multi-Angle Simulation – Relive Secretariats triumphant 1973 Preakness race by viewing the race from a number of perspectives as well as listening to commentaries from fans, announcers and even the jockey who rode Secretariat to their record finish.


The same as the DVD, plus…

Choreographing The Races

Here’s a great clip of “The Story of Secretariat:

Here’s “The Making of a Champion.” I love that director Randall Wallace says, "There are capabilities in each of us that are beyond what we think we can have, and that life is about finding how far you can go, how fast you can run, and you never know until you try, until you run."

And director Randall Wallace talking about the real-life Penny Chenery:






3 responses to “Secretariat on DVD/Blu-Ray: One of My Favorite Family Movies of 2010”

  1. MyKidsEatSquid Avatar

    Wow that didn’t take long to go to DVD. I’ve been wanting to see that. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Barry Avatar

    Secretariat is the best thoroughbred horse movie ever! This is a great representation on the way I feel about the film. I would love there to be a grittier version than this, but it is probably asking a lot from Disney.

  3. Thoroughbreds For Sale Avatar

    Also, I think the film could have been grittier in the sense that it could take the magic away from the story and give a truer representation of the characters and the struggle to get the best thoroughbred horses of all time to the triple crown. There surely should be more information regarding the thoroughbred industry.

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