Tron: Legacy: 2010 Blockbuster or Over-Hyped Sequel?

I wrote up a review of ‘Tron: Legacy’ over at Reel Life With Jane, and I’ve been thinking about how much I’d looked forward to this film – and how it underwhelmed me.

It’s not a bad film. The special effects are very cool, and I really want one of those light-cycles that creates itself as you climb onto it. There’s also something satisfying about bad guys who shatter like glass when you hit them the right way.


Still, I get the feeling that so much time and effort went into the special effects that they forgot to craft a great story around it. The plot can be summed up this way: Guy goes into computer program to rescue the dad who disappeared 20 years earlier.

One thing I love is that the movie is rated PG — and that it’s fairly straightforward PG, rather than venturing into PG-13 territory. That gives kids the opportunity to see it WITH their parents, which is always a good thing.

Any thoughts on ‘Tron: Legacy’? Do you think it lived up to the Comic-Con hype?

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  1. Alexandra Avatar

    I have not seen this movie but it is on my son’s wish list. I will forward your review. Thanks!

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