I feel sorry for Russell Crowe this weekend, because his “not without my wife” movie is up against ‘Harry Potter.’ If ‘The Next Three Days’ was rated R, it might get a different audience, but because it’s PG-13, it might be hurting against Hogwarts. We’ll see how the numbers shake out on Monday. Here’s the rundown on what’s new at the theater this weekend:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 – Harry and his pals are searching for Horcruxes as dark forces swirl around them. More here, along with some photos of the kids turning into adults. Directed by David Yates; 146 min.; rated PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence, frightening images and brief sensuality.

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The Next Three Days – When a woman (Elizabeth Banks) is accused of murder, her husband (Russell Crowe) plots to break her out of jail. Liam Neeson also stars, and I have to say, this trailer does look really fun – in a high-action thriller sort of way. Plus, I love Russell Crowe movies. Directed by Paul Haggis; 122 min.; rated PG-13 for violence, drug material, language, some sexuality and thematic elements.

Image: Warner Bros.


    • Hey Brette – Yes, Deathly Hallows opens nationwide today (actually at midnight last night – I decided to wait til today!). I’ll see it later and report back with a review. It’s getting some great reviews so far.

  1. my son is dying to see the new HP, natch, but it got panned in our local paper today. i’ll get a full report tomorrow when he’ll see it for a pal’s birthday.

    #3 still my fav. yours?

    i used to love russell crowe movies but haven’t seen one in a while. what’s a recent pic he’s in that you’d recommend?

  2. On Friday night, we drove by the movie theater in Harvard Square and EVERY showing of HP was sold out (we were going to dinner, not to the movies). It’s incredible the amount of press those movies have gotten and continue to get, and I love the fact that they’ve inspired so many people to read.

  3. thanks for the heads-up, Jane. I am in the mood for a good, fun thriller…so the Russell Crowe movie might get my attention. Also, i’m a big Liam Neeson fan, so it’s a win-win (I hope!)

  4. We saw the HP movie at a matinee showing on Saturday–the theater wasn’t packed. GREAT movie. I’m glad the producers decided to break the book into two parts–the movies felt so much less rushed compared to some of the others (granted they’ll also make more $ that way).

  5. I know I’m probably in the minority here on this but, though I adore the HP books and couldn’t put each one of them down, I’m not a fan of the movies. For me, they just don’t capture the magic found in the books. In fact, for me, the only movie(s) that replicated the enchantment found in the books was Lord of the Rings, another of my very very favorite books.


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