angie_harmon Are celebrities like the rest of us? Do they make coffee and drive a car like regular people? As if there’s any doubt, yes, they do.

I had an opportunity to write a guest post on that subject for my friend Stephanie Auteri’s great blog, Freelancedom . I tell how weird it used to be talking to people I saw on my TV set all the time. And how odd it was going to a movie theater and seeing a person I just talked with that morning staring back at me from the big screen.

But then, as time went by and I got more used to writing these stories, it didn’t seem so odd. I discovered that these folks are just like the rest of us, except that millions of people see them every week. And they don’t always like that fact, especially the accompanying paparazzi.

And now, talking with people like Angie Harmon, Tom Hanks, and Tim Roth is a regular part of my job. Hop over there and read about some of my experiences.

Image: Steve Granitz,


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