The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season on DVD and Blu-ray This Week

We were late to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in this house, but jumped onboard somewhere in season two. Love the funny one-liners, the nerdy stuff like Klingon Boggle, and the celebration of sheer awkwardness among Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard, especially when it comes to Penny.

big-bang-theory-season-3-dvd‘The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season’ arrived on DVD and blu-ray yesterday, Sept. 14, 2010, and we’re already deep into the episodes. Maybe we all have a little nerd inside us, because even though the show is all about the beautiful minds of these geniuses, it really appeals to everyone.

It’s just plain fun, and you can’t argue with a show that makes you laugh consistently. Tune in for the season four premiere on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010, at 8PM ET on CBS.

It’s hard to pick a favorite episode from season three, but follow me after the jump for a few that stand out, as well as a season three video recap.

big-bang-theory-season-3-dvd-wil-wheaton ‘The Precious Fragmentation’ – Being a ‘Lord of the Rings’ nut, I have to pick this one first. The guys find an actual ring from the LOTR trilogy at a garage sale (this never happens to me!), which of course, threatens their friendship.

‘The Wheaton Recurrence’ – This one is fun because Wil Wheaton and I travel in some of the same online circles. In this episode, Sheldon takes on his nemesis Wheaton in bowling. Wil was also in ‘The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary’ earlier in the season.

‘The Excelsior Acquisition’ – Love that people like Stan Lee want to guest on this show. In this episode, Sheldon misses an opportunity to get Stan’s autograph when he has to appear in traffic court.

Season 3 Bonus Features:

  • ‘Big Bang’ set tour with Simon and Kunal
  • Take-Out with the Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’: Join them for Chinese food and discussion of favorite season 3 moments
  • Gag reel

Got a favorite episode from season three of ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Here’s a fun season three video recap. Oh, and check out these cool tips from Raj and Howard on how to pick up chicks!

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