Since I don’t live anywhere near L.A. or New York (and thank goodness for that!), it’s always fun when I get to “visit” a set via the wonderful world of the Web. Yesterday I took a virtual tour of the ‘Community’ set, and got to hang out with the Ken Jeong, who plays Senor Chang on the show. Here’s what I learned:

community-season-one-dvd1) The cast and crew of ‘Community’ really, really, really, really want you to buy ‘Community: The Complete First Season,’ released on DVD Sept. 21, 2010. I know this because the tour started with us looking at the DVD on a table for a long time (well, apparently I got the time wrong, because I was looking at it for, uh, a couple of hours). Ken carried the DVD with him on the tour, everyone he talked to told us to BUY IT, and then he topped it off by slam-dunking the DVD through a basketball hoop on the set. So race over to Amazon and buy that DVD!

2) Dan Harmon, writer and creator of the show, really does look like a used car salesman. Hey, he said it; I’m just repeating. Oh, and his favorite bonus feature on the season one DVD (buy it!) is the cast evaluations. No one send me a screener copy, so I can’t offer any more info than that. But hey, you guys get out there and buy that DVD! And if the ‘Community’ people want me to review it, send ME a copy, too!

community-season-two-betty-white 3) Dan’s favorite episodes from season one (buy that darn DVD!) are ‘Chicken Fingers’ and ‘Naked Billiards.’ He wasn’t sure about the title on that second one, but it’s the one where Joel McHale is playing billiards naked. If I actually had the DVD, I’d tell you more.

4) The wardrobe room on the ‘Community’ set includes a pumpkin outfit and a hamster outfit. “We like to dress up as fruit and animals,” said Ken. Ok, that would be VEGGIES and animals if you’re talking about pumpkins. Or, I dunno, maybe pumpkins are fruits. That’s one of those deceptive veggie-fruits.

5) Ken Jeong can take a bop over the head with a fire extinguisher (via Joel McHale) and keep on moving. He also thinks that everyone on the other side of the virtual set tour (us) are “journalists, nerds, and/or low-level Sony executives.” I don’t work for Sony, but I most definitely fall into those other two categories.

6) Joel McHale’s wife Sarah and son Isaac are adorable. And I’m pretty sure even Isaac was telling us to BUY THE SEASON ONE DVD!

7) I noticed Chevy Chase was nowhere to be found, so maybe he’s “special” and only has to work on certain days. Maybe he was napping or something.

Ok, that’s all I got. Season two of ‘Community’ premieres Thurs., Sep. 23 at 8/7c on NBC. Betty White’s the guest star. And don’t forget to BUY THE SEASON ONE DVD!

‘Community’ Set Visit, Part 1:

‘Community’ Set Visit, Part 2:

‘Community’ Set Visit, Part 3:

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