MTV’s Next Movie is on the Web!

mtv-next-movie-logo Earlier this summer, I heard a rumor that fellow ex-AOL staffers Scott Robson and Kevin Polowy were building a new movie site for MTV. So I emailed Scott to see if he’d be looking for writers – yes, he wrote back, whenever the site went live. Then I sort of forgot about it and went on with building up Film Gecko, Reel Life With Jane, and my own family movie/TV columns.

So I was geeked when an emailed dropped in my inbox last week that Next Movie was live and in living color, with Kevin as executive editor. I see they’ve got lots of AOL writers over there, which is cool. I have no qualms about saying that while the new editorial regimen at AOL’s TV Squad – where I used to be an editor – leaves something to be desired, the writers have always been top-notch and under-appreciated. Hopefully, they’ll get the recognition they deserve at Next Movie.

next-movie-fall-movies Next Movie is a nice clean site, but with an edgy feel to it. The tagline is “The movie site for the next generation,” so I guess it’s geared for the younger crowd, although I’m not exactly a spring chick, and I love it, too. So in my mind, it’s geared for the next generation AND their parents.

The nav bar at the top includes categories for UpNext (“stuff you gotta see”), Shows (fun videos featuring MTV hosts and others), Blog (news, reviews, videos, commentary), Coming Soon (the scoop on what’s coming to theaters), In Theaters and DVD.

Does the Web need another movie site? Ok, maybe not, but MTV DOES need a great movie site, since the previous one was a little outdated, and I’m sure this will fill the void nicely. The site is easy to navigate, features timely stories, great writers and lots of fun stuff. Good luck with it, guys!

Check out the Next Movie site; follow them on Twitter; become a fan on Facebook.

Image: Next Movie; Warner Bros.





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